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    کلیک کنید
    Documents and reports

    The documents and reports of an organization reflect a large part of the actions and activities of the organization and are an important criterion for judging the performance ...

    Research and Development

    Research and policy-making for the development of science and technology in the Ministry of Petroleum is done by the Deputy Minister Engineering, Research

    Statistics and information

    So far, nearly half of the world's proven oil reserves, including crude oil and condensate, have been extracted, but despite the fact that Iran is one of the first ...


    Naturally, more than 20 to 25 billion dollars should be invested annually in the oil industry, if this figure is reduced, the whole cycle will be disrupted

    Build inside

    From the time when the oil industry facilities did not have a single Iranian screw until today, when domestic manufacturers have taken over high-tech equipment, it was only as far as self-confidence.

    social responsibility

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a model of business that helps the company to be socially responsible, especially because of its potential impact on society and the environment


    Fuel consumption optimization activity is generally focused on studying and reviewing, preparing the ground and taking the necessary measures for fuel efficiency in all activities and affairs ...


    آدرس: تهران، خیابان شهید بهشتی، خیابان پاکستان، بن بست چهارم (مزار شریف)، پلاک ۴

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